Fox News/APN Spirited Debate Interview

Hello APN Pastors and Friends,

Yesterday, I was able to do an TV interview with Lauren Green – Religion Editor for Fox News.  You can see the link and insert just below. What God is doing to exalt and magnify the Truth of His Word through the ministry of APN is truly amazing.  If there was ever a time to stand tall in the gap for Truth, it is now!  Thank you all for the part you are playing. I share this and another link or two below with you for several reasons:

1) These occurrences are good reason to thank the LORD for what He is doing through your efforts and your commitment to the LORD, His Truth and APN as we focus on the Pulpits of America;

2) These occurrences provide the opportunity to share with other pastors and Christian leaders how the Truth of God’s Word is not only needed in our days but actually sought out by those searching for the Truth or wanting to provide the opportunity to hear the Truth proclaimed;

3) These occurrences provide the motivation to pray and join in a concentrated way to seek the God’s provision for immediate financial needs so that we can respond to opportunities immediately before us. Our special project needs are these: 1) $50,000 now to launch 5 new State Chapters in the next two months. God has raised up the leadership teams in these key states but we need these funds to make this happen; 2) $35,000 to upgrade our radio studio and equipment to permit us to communicate to more radio stations and to introduce video capabilities. These needs are now.

How can Biblical truths help inform political selections – YouTube ▶ 5:53

13 hours ago – Uploaded by NaJaM Ul HaSaN

Spirited Debate: The American Pastors Network’s Sam Rohrer on what is at … bryan platt, biblical …

I share this additional information with you as it relates to undeniable proof of what God is doing!   Fox News just a few weeks ago featured APN and did an interview with a pastor from NYC but did it within the framework of an APN  Blog that we write monthly for Life Zette (Laura Ingraham’s blog). This was very, very good and highlights exactly the role and impact APN is having.  That link is here:

Then in the last 3 weeks, national media have quoted me and referenced APN on key current issues. That is not unusual, but what is unusual is that we are referenced in the same context and platform as other national organizations that have in existence for over 20 years – FRC; AFA; Faith and Freedom Coalition.  Here is just one of the national articles:

God is exalting our voice and our mission to stand for the Authority of Scripture and to proclaim a biblical worldview to a Truth-rejecting culture. He is doing it in an extraordinary way in such a short time.  Please uphold all of us and each other in prayer that God’s hedge of protection will be kept high around us and to keep our hearts free from secret and unconfessed sins. I am praying daily for all of you.

May God bless you all tomorrow as you stand in your pulpits and boldly proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.


In the Defense of Truth and Freedom,

Sam Rohrer

President & CEO

American Pastors Network

Standing in the Gap for Truth

Stand in the Gap Today Radio Program


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  1. I would have a difficult time trying to discern why any Pastor in the USA who might read this article and view the 5 minute video with Sam Rohrer and Lauren Green would not want to align himself with the American Pastors Network and/or the State Chapter in the respective State. The door is wide open in the State of Arkansas to Pastors from Arkansas to unite with Arkansas Pastors Network (ARPN) under the conditions stated on our website I strongly urge Arkansas Pastors to consider ARPN.

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