Invitation to Pastors: Important Conference Call, May 26, 2016

Dear Pastor,

THE LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender) ACTIVISTS’ WAR ON COMMON COURTESY, PUBLIC MORALITY, PRIVACY AND DECENCY, and the need for a Biblical response to this important and potentially pivotal issue, is the reason we are inviting you to join us for a very important conference call this Thursday, May 26, from 10-11am EST.

To participate, dial 605-562-0020 and then dial 466203852# when asked to do so.

It is imperative that pastors are equipped to speak boldly and confidently on this issue, which is why the American Pastors Network invites you join us on this call. We want to educate and empower you to be proactive in this battle to preserve God’s design for men, women, and families, while at the same time, endeavoring to reach these hurting and confused souls with the Truth of God’s Word!

On Friday, May 13, 2016, the Obama administration released under the seals of the U. S. Department of Justice, Civil Right Division, and the U. S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, what is labeled as a “decree,” regarding, of all things, the use of public bathrooms in public places and schools. While supposedly being just a list of “suggestions” to “safeguard” the bathroom, locker room and shower use for the 750,000 gender-confused persons in our society, the non-implementation of these supposed “civil rights” may result in the defunding of public schools that do not submit to Washington D.C.’s black mail.

I have invited a few pastors to share who have already taken the step of engaging local leaders on this issue. We will also hear from someone at First Liberty and from the Pennsylvania Family Institute who will provide further insights and counsel on this important topic that is vital for pastors to know.

We strongly encourage you and your other church leaders to participate on this important call. Please invite other pastors you know to join us for this critical conversation on Transgender Identity and God’s design as we fight against the moral anarchy that is seeking to uproot not only the very foundation of America law, but of American families as well!

To learn more about the American Pastors Network, click here.

In the Defense of Truth and Freedom

Sam Rohrer
President, APN
Rev. Dr. James A. Brettell
President, ARPN
501-944-1678 (cell)

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