Beloved Pastors and fellow Christians across the great State of Arkansas,

I am sending a link to a recent Podcast during which Sam Rohrer, President of both American Pastors Network (APN) and Pennsylvania Pastors Network (PPN), is interviewed by Perry Atkinson on the Focus Today program. During the interview, Sam discusses the role of the Church in these troubling times, as well as the refugee crisis and what should be the focus of our prayers.  Biblically, he nails the issues; he hits a home-run. Please take time to watch and listen to Sam articulate a biblical worldview on the issues discussed.  You will be encouraged.  If necessary, fast forward to the point where Perry begins to interview Sam.  The podcast link:

I am an 81 year old Pastor-Teacher, still active in Pastoral ministry seven days a week, and at this juncture of my ministry, I am both pleased and proud to have aligned myself at the beginning of the year 2015 with the American Pastors Network as its President.

After listening to the podcast, if the answers that Sam provides resonate within your spiritual heart, I urge you to go to our website, and learn more about the Arkansas Pastors Network (ARPN), a State Chapter of the American Pastors Network. Our website is

If the Holy Spirit should lead you to align yourself with the Arkansas Pastors Network, click on this link and then click on the “Personal Profile” link as an indication of your willingness to STAND IN THE GAP with us.

If you have any questions about APN or ARPN, you are welcome to call me at 501-944-1678 (cell).

Resting in Him,
Dr. Jim Brettell
President, ARPN

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