POLL: Top 12 Issues

A new poll identifies the top 12 issues about which the Church wants to hear.

Arkansas Pastors need to consider the following poll results and ask themselves this question, “Do I have any responsibility before God to consider these poll results if I am going to preach a complete biblical worldview?”

If we as Pastors do not give our congregants the biblical perspective on these issues, from where do we expect them to learn; and even more importantly, what will their final perspective be? Will it be biblical or will it be a distorted biblical perspective or will it have to be answered by the secular-humanists? Which do you prefer?

Christian pollster George Barna and historian David Barton teamed up to present the poll results on a recent edition of Glenn Beck’s show. The research included input from “nearly 3,000 active church-goers were surveyed about the issues they want to hear about most in church.”

The research was conducted by the American Culture and Faith and Institute. It’s entitled God’s People Want to Know: Results of National Surveys among Spiritually Active Christian Conservatives and Theologically-Conservative Protestant Pastors Regarding the Need for Churches to Teach Congregants What the Bible Says Concerning Today’s Social and Political Issues.

The Top 12 Issues the Church Wants to Hear About, according to the poll, are:

1. Abortion: Beginning of life, right to life, contraception, adoption, unwed mothers. 91%

2. Religious persecution/liberty: Personal duty, government duty, church response, global conditions. 86%

3. Poverty: Personal duty, government role, church role, homelessness, hunger, dependency. 85%

4. Cultural restoration: Appropriate morals, law and order, defensible values and norms, self-government. 83%

5. Sexual identity: Same-sex marriage, transgenderism, marriage, LGBT. 82%

6. Israel: Its role in the world, Christian responsibility to Israel, US foreign policy toward Israel and its enemies. 80%

7. Christian Heritage: role of Christian faith in American history, church role in US development, modern day relevance. 79%

8. Role of Government: Biblical view, church-state relationship, personal responsibility, limitations. 76%

9. Bioethics: Cloning, euthanasia, genetic engineering, cryogenics, organ donation, surrogacy. 76%

10. Self-governance: Biblical support, personal conduct, impact on freedom, national sovereignty. 75%

11. Church in politics/government: Separation of church and state, legal boundaries, church resistance to government. 73%

12. Islam: Core beliefs, response to Islamic aggression, threat to US peace and domestic stability. 72%

Are you surprised by these results? Is there anything you would add?

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