First ARPN Ministers Together Event Encouraging

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Program began prompting at 10:00 AM.

Yes, this first ARPN Ministers Together Event was extremely encouraging. The meeting came off like clockwork. Start on time, stop on time. All speakers were extremely respectful of our attendee’s time and stayed within the limits of their speaking time.

Dennis Ball, Secretary/Treasurer, ARPN, opened the meeting with a welcome to all attendees (approximately 43 — 53 registered).

Pastor Eugene Udell, New Beginning Church, Little Rock, Arkansas, offered the Invocation.

Dr. Jim Brettell, President, ARPN, then introduced all attendees by groups: Pastors, Elected Officials, Church Staff Members, Personal Ministry (non-church staff), Business Persons, and other persons wanting to learn more about ARPN.

A great 02:57 APN Promotional Video was provided by APN and shown.

Dr. Jim Brettell, President, ARPN, and Pastor of The Christian Way of Life Church, North Little Rock, Arkansas, then gave an overview of ARPN and Ministers Together initiative.

David Meeks, Arkansas General Assembly Representative, District 70, followed with a rousing message regarding how ARPN can be of assistance to our General Assembly legislators and how we could work together to the glory of God. David’s message was excellent and greatly encouraging. David hit-a-homerun.

Pastor Michael Eubanks, VP, ARPN, TCWOLC, North Little Rock, Arkansas, then spoke and he hit-a-homerun talking about the challenge to we as Pastors as we face a multiplicity of problems in this country: morally, educationally, and governmentally.

Pastor Ben Graham, VP, Tennessee Pastors Network (TPN), Pastor, Music City Baptist Church, Nashville, Tennessee, also hit a homerun, but he didn’t hit it into the stands, he hit it over the stands and into the ocean: challenging, encouraging, enlightening, inspirational. (Perhaps you might consider inviting him to speak in any of your upcoming conferences. He will not disappoint you.)

Pastor Ben and Dr. Jim conducted a question and answer period.

Pastor Dr. Scott Stewart, Agape Church, Little Rock, Arkansas, closed in prayer.

11:30 AM (program ended on time).

Some of the attendees had commitments following the event and went on to their commitments. Many remained to get to know one another and fellowship until around 12:15 PM.

Attendees came from many cities in Arkansas. To name a few: Little Rock, North Little Rock, Bigelow, Benton, Conway, Arkadelphia, Hot Springs, Maumelle, England (AR), Mountain Home.

Dr. Brettell, Janet Brettell, Danny Plummer, Carolyn Plummer, Ms. Alexander, Pastor Michael Eubanks, Lorria Eubanks, and Dennis Ball retired to American Pie Pizza in Maumelle, Arkansas for lunch.

A special Word of thanks to Sam Rohrer for his encouragement and leadership provided to our State Chapters. A special word of thanks to Amy Baisley, Secretarial Assistant/Project Manager, American Pastors Network for her tireless effort in answering our questions and guiding us through ARPN’s organizational development. A special word of thanks to Shane Lehman, Administrative Assistant, American Pastors Network and Pennsylvania Pastors Network for his tireless effort in assisting all State Chapters regarding administrative procedures. A special word of thanks to Danny and Carolyn Plummer, from Rogers, Arkansas, who handled the registration table before and after the event. Finally, an overwhelming word of thanks to Pastor Ben Graham fro coming all the way from Nashville, Tennessee, to attend and speak at our event.

ARPN will look for forward to a second ARPN Ministers Together Event is about two months.

Spread the word, and if you are willing to STAND IN THE GAP with Arkansas’s Pastors and Elected Officials, don’t wait. Go to this link Profile and provide the requested information.

Thanks to all who attended, and we look forward to your consideration to attend when the next ARPN Ministers Together Event is announced.

Contact Dr. Brettell, President, ARPN, at or by phone at 501-944-1678.


Here are some photos taken during and after the event.

Ben, David, Dr. Jim

After dinner lunch

After dinner lunch.

David Meeks, Arkansas GA Legislator

Michael, David, Eugene, Dennis

More seated attendees

More seated attendees

More seated attendees

More seated attendees

More seated attendees

Pastor Ben Graham

Pastor Ben Graham

Just part of the seated attendees.

Evangelist Sampson Harris, Pastor Michael Eubanks

Dr. Scott Stewart, Cody Humphrey, Dennis Ball

Cody Humphrey

More seated attendees.

Pastor Ben Graham, Dr. Jim

Pastor “BAM” Willie Perkins
Nationally known Walmart greeter in Maumelle, Arkansas

6 thoughts on “First ARPN Ministers Together Event Encouraging

  1. This is monumental and should go down in Arkansas history. A meeting of minds may have occurred between legislators and pastors attending. I would love to see what Pastor Michael Eubanks and Pastor Ben Graham said and Representative Meeks had to say . Is it recorded?
    Katharine and Henry

  2. Dr. Jim,
    I thank the Father for you sir. “Love, makes us unafraid” . . . You are the embodiment of that statement.

    Pastor Michael E. Eubanks

  3. This was a great first conference very informative I told my church group about hope they will be able to attend the next one, the battle for the spiritual life is on I thank our heavenly Father for you Doc.

  4. Brad gave us a report on Sunday. Sounds FABulous!!!
    We are going to write our leaders notes of encouragement to keep STANDING STRONG!!!

  5. Dr. Jim, wow..what a great conference. Kathryn and I enjoyed it very much and talked about it all day. I also spoke briefly to my congregation about APN on Sunday morning. Looking forward to more conferences in the future.

  6. It was a great start for us no doubt ! Thank you so much for your hard work in putting it together. I came out encouraged and eager to hit the ground running when the time comes !

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